The Zone Identity: “Knight Rider” b/w J-Zone: “9 Breaks” pre-ordering now!


After a two year hiatus, The Zone Identity is back! But exactly who The Zone Identity is and how they get down depends on the tune. For 2017’s “Funk-I-Tus” b/w “Let The Music Take Your Mind” and 2018’s “Melting Pot” b/w “Soul Food” 7”s, The Zone Identity sat firmly in a soul-jazz groove for smokin’ covers of classics by Kool and the Gang, Booker T and the MG’s and lesser-known funk bands like Warm Excursion. But who is The Zone Identity in 2021? 

The only common denominator is me! The Zone Identity is a vehicle to work with my favorite musicians outside my band, The Du-Rites. For this go round, I team up with Pittsburgh’s Buscrates, to put a greasy, funk-i-fied spin on the classic 1980s “Knight Rider” theme song. A two-man job, “Knight Rider” pays a respectful nod to the original without neglecting the b-boys/b-girls and funk fanatics who need to get down and dirty. 

The flip side, “9 Breaks,” is credited to me as a solo artist because technically…it’s a drum solo! 2020’s pandemic lockdown forced musicians to be more creative and practice harder, often out of sheer boredom. It was in said isolation that I created this “9 Breaks” routine as a warm-up. It was both a homage to classic breaks and a warm-up to keep sharp on the set with no shows or rehearsals to keep the rust off. 

From music for talking cars to classic breakbeat mini-mixtapes, The Zone Identity has you covered for 2021. 

Label: Fraternity Music Group / Counterpart

Mixed & Mastered by Ed Littman