The Wild World of One Shots!

J_Zone_The Wild World of One Shots

After 4 drum break libraries and 6 years of frontin’ on producers requesting one shots, “social distancing” has inspired me to take on the arduous task of curating a library of high quality one-shots from my arsenal of drum sets, snare drums and assorted cymbals and percussion. The engineering, nitpicking, gruntwork and trial and error of creating a one shot library requires time – a lot of it. And with our current global health crisis keeping all of us indoors, I was finally able to laser focus and put in the necessary undistracted hours to come up with 100 killer sounds for your beat-making/composing needs. 31 snare drum sounds, 17 kick sounds, 21 hi-hat/cymbal sounds, 9 tom and percussion sounds + a bonus folder of a 22 of the kicks, hi-hats and snares run through an Akai S-950 sampler for a 12-bit sheen (courtesy of sound designer, Bullyfinger) – it’s all there!

Chopping up drum breaks isn’t for everyone, and part of being a working drummer is catering to the needs of the artist and producer. Combine that understanding of drums from the perspective of the drummer, engineer and producer – you get The Wild World of One Shots! Now I can go spend April working on boring yet essential practice pad exercises. Enjoy.

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