The Lil’ (Funky) Drummer Boyz: J-Zone + Jordan Rose Yuletide Grooving for the Holidays

Okay y’all, time for some holiday fun(k)! You deserve it. Here I am throwing down some Yuletide grooves with my main man and fellow drummer, the super groovy and talented Jordan Rose, and Conall Mulvenna, the funky funky Santa Man! I had a blast doing this even though I’m mean-mugging in every part but the cowbell because we were grooving. That cowbell is where the Yuletide at! Enjoy the video.

And just like that this crazy year is over. I’ve never been much of a holiday guy and with all that went down this year, the holidays are kind of an afterthought. That said, hopefully this gives you one last smile and/or dance step before 2020 is outta here. Thanks to all who supported me/The Du-Rites this year and all who’ve been following me on this wild ride. 

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Thanks for the support, Happy Holidays and be safe out here folks!