The Du-Rites: Soundcheck at 6 Out Now!

Being out on the road with Ben Pirani and not trying to update my website from a cell phone in a moving tour van is why this post is late, but alas, here we go. The Du-Rites first live album (and 4th overall), Soundcheck at 6, is finally out everywhere! Although we sold out the vinyl on our Bandcamp in three days (thank you for your overwhelming support), the record is in stores and up for digital download and streaming. Here’s where to get yours:

Vinyl (ReDef Records)



Apple Music


The album was also reviewed by funk editorial sure shots The Nostalgia King and Flea Market Funk. Hit those links to read what the funk experts had to say.

Hopefully y’all enjoy listening to the album as much as we do playing our live show. This album closes the first chapter of The Du-Rites first three albums (eponymous debut, Greasy Listening and Gamma Ray Jones) with what is essentially a live greatest hits album. We’ll be back with a 7″ of all new Du-Rites material in November as we move into new territory. Stay tuned.