The Du-Rites LP Release Dates + Vinyl Test Pressings + Updates



If you’ve kept up with me for the last four months, you’ll know my two man funk unit with Tom Tom Club guitarist/bassist (and my longtime mastering engineer) Pablo Martin is called The Du-Rites. Vinyl LP test pressing approved! Limited run of test pressings, digital and cassette have an official release date of October 21. Commercial LP will be out in November on ReDefinition Records. Pablo and I┬áput a 7″ single in production in July but still no word on if we’ll get it in time. The “vinyl revival” is fly but too fly for me. New song on SoundCloud next week + video stuff, etc. to replace our missing in action 7″. I’m dying to see CDs come back in style at this point. Till then, here’s a snippet of “Play The Right Hand” live from the vinyl test pressing!