The Du-Rites: Gamma Ray Jones – Artwork + Story


Very proud of The Du-Rites‘ third album in just as many years, Gamma Ray Jones. Pablo and I are honored to provide the musical score for the lost pilot episode (“Get This Turkey Outta Here”) of 1972 TV detective show Gamma Ray Jones. It sat for 46 years with no music because it was dropped by the network in favor of “Banacek,” “Cool Million,” “McCloud,” “McMillan and Wife” and other detective show comp. Apparently Gamma Ray Jones was too violent and the overhead for hospital bills and crashed Cadillacs caused network execs to drop the show. All violence was real – Gamma Ray Jones didn’t believe in stuntmen and Pedro “Gamma Ray” Jones was a real life detective in NYC, not an actor. (Zoom in on back cover in slideshow for the whole story). The album drops Nov. 23 (a week or so earlier on our Bandcamp) with Redefinition Records doing the vinyl. Hopefully the show with the music locked to film sees the light of day. Much more to come, including a mini-documentary on “cop show funk”. Suitable for broughaming!