The Du-Rites compete album #3!

We’re done! Our third offering is an album full of cop show funk themed around a lost detective show from 1972, Gamma Ray Jones. Inspired by Lalo Schifrin, Quincy Jones, Dave Grusin and other cop show maestros of the day, The Du-Rites decided to put our spin on the cinematic funk that only sounds good when sitting deep in Corinthian leather seats inside cars over 20 feet long. The good old days when goons and muscle wore tailored suits. Our ode to Mannix, McCloud, Harry O, Cannon, Banacek, Dan August, Barnaby Jones, McMillan & Wife, etc., if you will. Here’s a quick clips of me recording drums for a chase scene during the final recording sessions for the album. Album should be out in November, a second single in September and the first single, “Gamma Ray Funk,” is out now on 7″ vinyl and for streaming.