The Du-Rites: A Funky Bad Time out now!

And we’re out! The big “Bad” release day is finally here! Appropriately, Friday the 13th. When the world gets so bad you’re forced to be funkier than you’ve ever been (or, “‘badd’ with two Ds”), here’s the result. At least for The Du-Rites. Pablo and I are super excited for the release of 
A Funky Bad Time, our fifth album in five years.  90% of it was written and recorded in socially distanced fashion with the backdrop of a global pandemic, death (including a spate of our favorite musicians passing), the never-ending storm of racial inequality, civil unrest and police brutality, a janky political climate, a floundering economy and an overall cloud of uncertainty. Our mission was to cut through all the darkness and limitations to give you the funkiest 35 minutes of 2020. A 35-minute funk Calgon bath. A 35-minute Space Cadillac ride up out of these insane times…before you have to get back to the 9th Zoom meeting of the day or the ear loop on your mask snapping at the most inopportune time. You be the judge…and hopefully listening to the album gives you the same escape from the chaos that we had creating it. 

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Today’s Bandcamp “Essential Releases” gave it a write-up as well.