J-Zone keeps the groove for funk legend, Manzel

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Sneaking in one last musical endeavor before the year is up. Proud to be a part of the 2017-18 musical output of legendary funk outfit, Manzel. After all, my very first rap demo from 1993 sampled the drums from Manzel’s “Midnight Theme,” so to join the fold as a drummer is a special funk anointing. Check out “High and Tight” b/w “Standing on Mars” right here (Bandcamp) and pick up a copy of the 7″ if you dig it.

R.I.P. original drummer Steve Garner. Doing my best to keep the drum chair funky. Here’s the original press release from Fraternity Music Group:

Nearly 40 years after releasing two of the greatest funk 7-inches of all time, the breakbeat masterpieces “Space Funk” and “Midnight Theme,” the legendary Manzel is back on Fraternity Records with another sureshot double-sider. Originally comprised of Manzel Bush on keys, Larry Van Dyke on guitar and late Steve Garner on drums, the 2017 incarnation of the group adds powerhouse Jay Mumford, p.k.a. J-Zone, in the drum chair and is lean and funky as ever. “High And Tight” is a classic party jam, complete with chanted vocals and a couple drum breaks that establish the new man in the trio is no joke on the skins. “Standing On Mars” continues the favored space-related vibe of Manzel’s past releases, an uptempo jazzy instrumental dancefloor mover that simply cooks, with Manzel doing double duty on electric piano and organ.

You can stream it on Soundcloud here: