J-Zone + Lord Finesse’s Motown State of Mind

state of mind

In the summer of 1990 I bought Lord Finesse’s Funky Technician tape on Jamaica Ave and memorized the whole thing in about a month. 30 summers later I’m proud to be playing some drums on his new project, Motown State of Mind, out today! And as someone who grew up on my mom’s Motown records, to have my work on a record with a Motown label brings it all full circle. To work with people and pillars who’ve been inspiring me for 30+ years doing what I love most is one of the main reasons I’m still in this crazy business. Having my name next to Willie Hutch in the credits don’t feel bad either. And all the talented folks involved in this project. The tune I played on is called “Now Is The Time” by Sisters Love, originally appearing in the film The Mack.

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