Still Alive!

In the age of Covid, the summer ain’t about much musically but a higher electric bill. But behind the scenes there’s some stuff happening. Most important, the completion and submission of The Du-Rites’ fifth LP, A Funky Bad Time, for manufacturing. 12 slices of pandemic-fueled, nasty funk. Album will be released in November. Pablo and I are both¬†inspired and excited, which many musicians aren’t these days and understandably so. But you take it when it comes. Pre-orders begin in October. So for now, we’re just getting all the boring stuff together. Stay tuned. In other news, I recently jammed with Ben Pirani and The Means of Production for the first time since March. We grooved responsibly (masked and distanced) and it further proved there’s nothing like playing with other musicians. Here’s a brief clip of the jam session as a bit of “content” (I hate that word) to hold over till The Du-Rites’ album roll out and other things in September. Stay safe!