New Music: The Du-Rites – “Jheri Curl” b/w “Du-Vibrations” 7″ (Out Now)!


So The Du-Rites recorded two tunes for a 7″ single back in the winter and submitted them for manufacturing. In the time it takes for a vinyl record to be pressed (3-4 months), we’ve seen the passing of Kobe Bryant, a fire destroy the plant that supplies the vinyl record industry with its supplies, a global pandemic and total shutdown unlike anything I’ve seen – with a surreal and painful daily update of the casualties, many of whom inspired us musically and/or we knew personally – and the final blow of long-standing police brutality and racism knocking America on its ass.

And with all that, our new release, “Jheri Curl” b/w “Du-Vibrations” is not reflective of turbulent times. Actually, the opposite. But that’s what can happen when you release music in this format while the world moves in real time. Or, with a positive spin, maybe our ode to the greasy 1980s hairstyle (that’s yet to go retro) is the well-needed funk release from all the turbulence that you actually need?

Click here to listen for yourself (Bandcamp). If you dig it, you can buy the 7″!

The B-Side is funky, too. And a glimpse of where our upcoming fifth album was going before the world went dark and took our music with it.

Streaming crowd: “Jheri Curl” is also on Spotify and Apple Music. “Du-Vibrations” will be there in July.