New Endeavors!


These musical endeavors are on the way for those interested:

РFish-n-Grits vinyl LP for sale via my Bandcamp and Redefinition Records website later this week. Will be in stores by August 1. Another short run of cassettes (with different artwork) later in August. Limited stock for both.

– The Du-Rites (my funk instrumental project with Tom Tom Club guitarist and my longtime mastering engineer, Pablo Martin). Album was finished over the weekend. Drops most likely in September. Stay tuned for previews and song leaks. Till then, check snippets and stay in the loop on our Facebook page:

– Superblack (with Prince Paul and Sacha Jenkins) slated for 2017 release on Mass Appeal Records.

– Haven’t done much production work lately, but did do beats for upcoming projects from Vinnie Paz and Al-Shid. Also remixed a song for DJ Moe Choi (aka Choimatic) that features Large Pro, Lil Fame from M.O.P. and Timeless Truth.

– More Red Bull Music Academy interviews with great unsung drummers.

– Zone Excursion¬†is another funk instrumental project/ 7″ series of mine. Working with a variety of studio musicians to cover some of my favorite obscure funk songs. Early 2017 because tracking down the publishers of some of these songs is a royal pain.

– Studio drumming on a few pop, Latin and R&B records that are way out of my usual lane. More info TBA.

That’s all I’ve got. Stay tuned…

And thanks for the continued support!