J-Zone Sampled on Madlib’s Latest Single, “Road of the Lonely Ones”

As this insane year comes to a close, I’m proud to share some really cool new music from some legendary folks that features my drumming. Madlib, who reigns as one of the most revered record producers of our time, sampled one of my early drum break records for his latest single, “Road of the Lonely Ones.” It was released yesterday and it’s killer.

When I began releasing breakbeat records for the working musician to sample without corporate BS and legal entanglements in 2014, I had no idea these things would be used by legendary producers like Danger Mouse, Alchemist, Prince Paul and now, Madlib. But here we are, and many of the more high profile uses have actually been cleared! To begin as a sampling producer and suddenly switch focus to becoming a drummer and session musician presented a lot of challenges and was (and still is) unnerving at times, but placements like these sure help and overall it’s been a welcome and unexpected twist to my life in music. Enjoy the tune.