J-Zone presents…Soul Vibrations at Robert Bar B’klyn (11/19)



My monthly DJ gig at Robert Bar. Normally the second Saturday of every month but I bat third this go round. 10PM-2AM. Free. Stop by, say hi and enjoy a non-stop barrage of funk and soul 45s.

Since everyone gives DJs requests, I’ll give some back: No texting. And no Shazam-ing my sets. Do that in Trader Joe’s where it’ll actually do some good. This entire night is anti-phone. Enjoy the music. Meet people. Drink, dance and be funky. Channel your inner new-Brooklyn and do yoga poses or play Charades for all I care, just don’t be a Gadget Ho.
The music will be a hell of a lot better than the flyer. It’s terrible. I spent my graphic design budget on more records and did it myself, but once you get there it won’t matter.