J-Zone on Working Drummer Podcast

Highly honored to be a guest on The Working Drummer Podcast with Zack Albetta. LISTEN TO IT HERE. It starts at the 8:00 mark in the show. We discuss a whole lot, but highlights are:

  • My unconventional entry into drumming resulting in an instinctual non-“drummy” style and lack of “drummy” ego
  • How my producing background made me obsessed with the sounds of drumming
  • Discovering that my cred in the hiphop world meant little to nothing in the drumming world 
  • “Convincing people that what you do can work for them” rather than changing what you do to suit everyone
  • The importance of restraint, whether in what to pursue or what you play
  • My experience interviewing legends like Purdie, Garibaldi, Greg Errico, and many others
  • The festival experience that showed me how all drummers are on the same team

Plenty of nuggets for those interested in drumming or navigating the music business. Enjoy.