A Free Mixshow by J-Zone and Chief Chinchilla

If you can name another monthly mix show that uses one theme to make funk, hip-hop, jazz, soul, rock, pop, disco, hip-house and all sub-genres in between sound cohesive, I’ll pay pal you $100 (insert Jeopardy music here). While I count the money I just saved myself, I’ll simultaneously give you the lowdown on my defunct monthly mix show.

In 2007, my music career was on a decline and I was riding in the express lane of the Frustrated Musician Expressway. In an attempt to return to being a fan and regain my appreciation for music, I called up my man Chief Chinchilla (my alter ego, a 4′ foot 3″ rodent with a high voice) and did a one hour mix tape centered around songs that shaped my life. That mix tape became the first installment of Gator$-n-Fur$. We had a shitload of fun and the response was positive, so it became a monthly thing. Each month, the show’s music was centered around a different theme (police brutality, relationships, politics, sex, jail, kids, mothers, drugs, school, etc.) The theme approach allowed Chief and I to somehow fit everyone from Kool and the Gang to Gangksta Nip; Paris to Kwame; Steely Dan to Intelligent Hoodlum; Paula Abdul to St. Ides commercials; Tim Dog, Tweedy Bird Loc, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Suga Free, James Brown, Poison Clan – all in the same play list. Additionally, there’s a shit load of comedic debauchery, political incorrectness, and balls-to-the-wall insanity in each show. The show lasted 18 months before Chief and I fell out over money, but through, Gator$-n-Fur$ lives on via the archives.

Click below to download:

June 2007: The Zone Life Soundtrackjune_2007_zone_life (right click to download)
The initial installment of Gator$-n-Fur$. From No Face to Hendrix; Suga Free to Audio Two – this is the soundtrack to my life.

august_2007_another-summerJuly 2007: Another Summer (right click to download)
Stifling heat, Mister Softee trucks, scantily clad women, beaches, fire hydrants, barbecues, racial tension, drama, and school-free days. Word to Radio Raheem, this is the soundtrack to another hot summer.

april_2008_behindbars_mixshowApril 2008: Behind Bars (right click to download)
If you’re 4’3″ like Chief Chinchilla, don’t drop the soap. The all-time greatest prison songs.

august_2007_cb4_flick_wagonAugust 2007: On the Wagon (right click to download)
J-Zone quit drinking. Chief Chinchilla is an alcoholic. Peer pressure, man. This should be interesting.

September 2007: Back to Schoolseptember_2007_back2school (right click to download)
Cutting class, metal detectors, fights, pep rallies, asbestos scares, SAT exams, and stale lunch. J-Zone and Chief Chinchilla don’t miss a beat.

October 2007: The Freaxxxshowoctober_2007_freaxxxshow_mixshow (right click to download)
“Sex, man. Titties, titties, sex!” – DJ Evil E. Gator$-n-Fur$ keeps it x-rated.

november_2007_politics_mixshowNovember 2007: Politics as Usual (right click to download)
Yawn. Another day, another politician, another crook, another system that doesn’t work. To quote Sams in Lean on Me, “Yo bitch, vote on this!”

december_2007_anotherwinter_mixshowDecember 2007: Another Winter (right click to download)
Winter sucks. It’s cold, J-Zone hates holidays, people want gifts, and everything goes wrong. Fuck it.

january_2008_cophellJanuary 2008: Cop Hell (right click to download)
For all of you who’ve been at odds with police at one time or another…here’s a fuck you to crooked cops.

February 2008: Ain’t No Luv!february_2008_aintnoluv_mixshow (right click to download)
Valentine’s Day is a bunch of shit. After you all give out flowers and candy, go right back to fucking your spouse’s cousin. This is the soundtrack to hating Valentine’s Day.

march_2008_childsplayMarch 2008: Child’s Play (right click to download)
Gator$-n-Fur$ is for the children! Well, sort of…

may_2008_ladies_mixshowMay 2008: Hey Ladies! (right click to download)
This show goes out to all mothers, respectable women, and female recording artists who made dope music. An all-girl themed mix show. We love you ladies, but we thrash you hoes.

june_2008_VICTORY_mixshowJune 2008: Victory! (1-year Anniversary Show) (right click to download)
One year, still here! In celebration of this achievement, there’s no theme – just an hour of dope shit.

august_2008_zooted_mixshowAugust 2008: Zooted! (right click to download)
Chief smokes some bad, bad weed. Say no to drugs, folks. The all-drug throwdown with a surprise ending.

sept_2008_dry_spellSeptember 2008: Dry Spell (right click to download)
Don’t act like you’ve never been backed up. When the well runs dry and you start reaching for the King Magazine, this is what it sounds like. The soundtrack to a sexless dry spell.

dec_2008_dead_brokeDecember 2008: Dead Broke (right click to download)
Money is the root of all problems. It inevitably destroyed Gator$-n-Fur$. Dollar dollar bill, y’all.

July 2012: The Safe Sex Mixshowbodega (right click to download)
This show’s theme: Safe sex. After all, why spend hours at the gym preparing for summer when you’re walking around with a sexually-transmitted gamma ray? Just a thought. From STDs to unwanted pregnancies, this show is the soundtrack to the irresponsible, painful, and scary (albeit hilarious at times) adventures of glove-less love. Strap up, y’all.