Gamma Ray Jones TV Promo + Vinyl LP Preorder!

So my group The Du-Rites’ upcoming third LP, Gamma Ray Jones, is…you ready?…the soundtrack to a lost television detective series from 1972! Think Mannix meets Superfly, but low budget, campy and far too violent for prime time television at the time it was created. The pilot for the show was filmed, but shelved by NBC before it’s scheduled air date and was never assigned a composer for the musical side. So when the original film reels were recently discovered, Pablo and I were approached about scoring the show with our Du-Rites brand of cinematic funk! The pilot episode of this lost TV show was originally titled, “Get This Turkey Outta Here!” And it still is. Dig the trailer!

The Gamma Ray Jones album will be available on all streaming services and in all music stores, both digital and brick and mortar on November 23. The vinyl LP and digital download can be pre-ordered now right here on our Bandcamp page and you will receive a portion of the album now and a download link to the entire album two days early.
We also released a new single called “Don’t Call Me Pedro” a few weeks ago. That song isn’t on the album, but you can stream on Spotify (and follow us) or buy on Bandcamp.
Stay tuned!