#Fish-n-Grits In The Press!


paperboyAlthough I’ve worked in the media, I’ve always been indifferent to reviews or the idea of hawking anyone for press. But anyone who took the time to write something about me or my music can’t be all that shitty a person. Well, maybe they can, but that’s another post. Anyway, now that my most recent album is nearly three months old, I’ve compiled all the press for it in one place. This way, you can read all about Fish-n-Grits without scrolling through pages of bit torrents. Enjoy.

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Bandcamp: J-Zone’s Fish-n-Grits and the Great Rap Divide

Hip-Hop DX: J-Zone Fish-n-Grits Album Review

The Library: J-Zone – Hip-Hop’s Check and Balance

Examiner: J-Zone is seriously concerned about the health of hip-hop in Fish-n-Grits

Blatantly Blunt: J-Zone Fish-n-Grits Album Review

The Real Hip-Hop: J-Zone Fish-n-Grits Interview