A Generic Update (Because when you’re silent on social media people think you died)

Taking the new snare for a test drive. Has some weight for a piccolo. #VintageSonor

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Testing out a new snare drum for some new sounds, tracking some stuff, beating migraine headaches, setting up my air conditioner, preparing for the remainder of 2017’s releases and endeavors, etc. Speaking of endeavors, here’s what’s en route:

The Du-Rites: “Bite It” b/w “Bocho’s Groove” 7″ single – Early June

The Du-Rites: Greasy Listening LP – September/October

“Give The Drummer Some” radio show on Red Bull Music Academy – Fall 2017

Superblack LP (with Prince Paul and Sacha Jenkins) – Fall 2017/TBA


The Zone Identity “Funk-I-Tus” b/w “Let The Music Take Your Mind” 7″ out now. Scroll one post back to see what it’s ’bout.


+ on the DJ front, my weekly DJ gig at Tuck Room, NYC and monthly at Robert Bar, B’klyn


Just a generic update because when you go off social media for a few weeks people think you died.